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Finally say goodbye to all those digestive woes?


Look in the mirror and see bright and clear skin?


Jump out of bed every morning ready to conquer your day?


Step into self confidence and FINALLY feel your best?!




Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?


When bloating becomes uncomfortable, painful, or makes you look pregnant, it's a clear sign that your digestion isn’t working properly.


Being gassy 24/7 may be common for some, but it’s not normal or something you should live with.

Abdominal pain

You shouldn’t endure pain or discomfort after meals, its time to figure out WHY this pain is occurring in the first place.

Constipation or diarrhea

Pooping too frequently or not enough is uncomfortable and affects your quality of life. It’s time to get back to consistently going 1-3 times a day.

Heartburn/ Acid reflux

Did you know the majority of the time we experience these because we have TOO little stomach acid? Cue the heartburn.. & those antacids are reducing it even more.

Chronic belching

Feeling the need to belch after every single meal tells me you're not digesting food properly, its time to figure out why.


No, you didn't just get handed the short stick when it comes to acne. The skin is a reflection of our inner health, especially gut health.

Dry or itchy skin

Do you ever feel like you just can't ever seem to get your skin hydrated? It can actually be a sign of dysfunction in the body, not just the unlucky genes.

 Insomnia or sleep issues

Waking up every night, not being able to fall asleep, or even not being stay asleep aren't normal. & no you're not just waking up because you have to pee...

Anxiety or mood changes

Mood changes like a rollercoaster, anxiety that will stop you in your tracks and coffee makes it worse... 

Low energy / chronic fatigue

Us getting older isn't the reason we're always exhausted, its that the way we are fueling ourselves isn't supportive of consistent energy and needs some TLC.

Brain fog

WOOF.. that feeling when you're trying to recall that one thing & it feels like you're lost in the clouds searching for it... 

Hormonal imbalances

Energy drops throughout the cycle, feel good one week and not so hot the next, breakouts on a the chin, & of course the dreaded weak from hell.. aren't normal they are signs of imbalance.

Irregular periods

Cycles that come and go as they please, the ones you can't track for the life of you.. especially after coming off birth control. It's time we fix that.


Cramps that are so bad you have to take work off, pimples appearing overnight, sore breasts before your cycle aren't things you have to live with.. its time we get back to pain-free cycles.



Imagine This…


> Bloating, heartburn, gas, abdominal pain & cramping GONE.


> No more irregular or changing bowel movements.


> You finally feel confident in yourself and your health.


>  Energy is back and better than you imagined it could be.


>  Skin condition you thought you were stuck with forever, fading away.


> Your period is REGULAR and showing up without those pesky PMS!


> You finally feel the best you’ve felt in awhile!


And SO much more!



Previous client experiences...

“I came to Andrea after finally being fed up with feeling awful. I’d struggled with chronic heartburn (GERD) for over 7 years, hypertension, a bit too regular bowel movements, and fatigue that required me to take a nap every single day. I also was a lifelong yo-yo dieter and I wanted to relearn how to listen to my body cues and find a way of eating that was nourishing, not punishing. I joined Beyond the Basics, her 4-month group program that was focused on healing the gut, learning how to use food to fuel our bodies, and how to reduce stress and improve our overall quality of life. I absolutely loved the group aspect of the program. In our group calls and private group chat through Andrea’s app I had a supportive crew of other humans who were also invested in undertaking a healing journey. Andrea’s bio-individual approach to creating your own protocol accounts for your unique issues, and she presents the more difficult to grasp scientific concepts of digestion in easy-to-understand way. I can now say that I rarely have heartburn, am getting the best sleep scores I’ve ever gotten on my Fitbit, and I have consistent energy levels that allow me to do all the fun stuff I love to do after work.”


Eleni C.

“Working with Andrea has really been so life changing for me. Before signing on with her I was experiencing serious fatigue, terrible acne, and PMS. After taking her courses I feel so confident in my ability to choose the right foods for myself and to be able to balance my plates. I now experience energy throughout the day, truly clearer skin, and also my PMS symptoms have almost disappeared provided I follow all of the steps Andrea has given me. In the days where I don't feel my best I know exactly the causes and how to rebalance myself with food. Working with Andrea to restore my gut has even helped cure my seasonal depression and general anxiety. I chose to have Andrea be my nutritionist because she was extremely approachable, flexible, and understanding. I felt that we were in it together and I can say I am truly healed. I'm no longer afraid of food and labels because I have the knowledge to make educated decisions for my health and to vote with my dollar. This was the best decision I could have made for my health!”

Melysa D.


Meet Your Nutritionist


Hi friend, I'm Andrea!


I’m a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner!

I’m a whole food loving, root-cause seeking, and lifestyle balancing Holistic Nutritionist that wants to HELP you take back your own health.

I’ve been exactly where you are. Feeling LESS than optimal.. lets just be honest NOT GOOD. I’ve had doctors tell me everything was fine… Even though I struggled with just about every digestive woe in the book, period MIA, hair loss, zero energy and SO much more.

I too tried to DIY my health, but that left me even more confused than before because there is SO much conflicting information out there.

Beyond the Basics is the solution you’ve been looking for, a clear roadmap and support system to getting back your health. In four months we will be taking a deep dive into your health, seeking out restoring balance in the body, and truly getting to the root causes of WHY you’re feeling the way you are.

I will be your personal accountabili-buddy. I will walk you through this journey, with an amazing COMMUNITY by your side supporting you.

I am here to show you that you can finally rid yourself of your pesky symptoms and take back your health, and you don’t have to do it alone. I will be your number one health advocate, listen to your symptoms and let you be HEARD. Then, we will dive right into bringing you and your body BACK into balance so you can finally FEEL your best.


Morgans journey with Beyond the Basics...



Does Morgans story sound familiar?


Trust me you are NOT alone, you deserve to know what is actually going on with your health, and to finally uncover what works best for YOU & your specific needs.


It is SO empowering to finally understand and have the tools you need to transform your own health.







Let’s take back your health so you can get back to living.






Let’s get to the root cause of what is going on in your health, so you can FINALLY thrive!


In this 4 month program, we will get to the ROOT of what is going on with your health and get REAL answers as to what is going on. No more, everything looks fine, when you clearly don’t feel fine!



Here's what you'll get:


  • Three 1:1 calls with me during the programs duration.

  • Six group calls

  • Pre-recorded educational modules. 

  • Option to add on functional lab testing (Stool testing, blood panels, HTMA & more).

  • In-depth healthy history & symptom analysis.

  • Personalized protocol to address imbalances.

  • 7-day Food & Mood journal in-depth analysis, and recommendations.

  • Access to me via private group (non-Facebook group) where we can share recipes, wins and ask me questions!




“Overall an amazing experience working with Andrea in Beyond the Basics. Helped completely change my mentality about food. Used to be so nervous with food and wanting to make sure I was counting macros and calories and not realizing that food is fuel for our bodies. To eat clean, Whole Foods is so beneficial for our bodies to function well. Our bodies are very smart and when you know the signs to look for you can help your body run “optimally.


Marielle S.

“When I came to Andrea I was honestly so discouraged by my health. After being on antibiotics for years and a round of Accutane my acne still persisted. Ever since I started eating more and consuming more nutritionally dense food my skin has cleared up. WITHOUT antibiotics or birth control. Additionally, prior to meeting with Andrea I was only pooping twice a week and was constantly bloated. Super unfortunate! NOW, I'm never bloated and I poop every day. YAY! So much positive change has happened. I'm SO glad that I participated in Beyond the Basics and the program was worth EVERY PENNY! I'm the strongest I've ever been in my lift both physically and mentally. 10/10 would recommend it!”

Morgan M.

Prior to meeting with Andrea, you'd find me not going out to eat often because I knew I'd need to rush home to endure the pain that followed. I'd spend nearly every night with a heating pad on my stomach to try to ease the pain I was feeling from literally everything that I ate. Nothing felt safe when it came to food and it was incredibly exhausting having the stress of eating hanging over every meal. I would let my emotions guide me in my food choices and so often it led me to "I'm going to have a stomach ache anyway, so why not eat the cheapest, crappiest food I can find". She worked with me to figure out what the heck was going on, where we needed to focus and provide some love, and what things we needed to start avoiding a bit. She also dropped some serious knowledge about the importance of the foods and liquids we put in our bodies and dismantled a lot of the B.S. we learn growing up about food. What I didn't expect to happen in this program is to actually see food in a new light - as fuel, instead of a means to an end, or an emotional habit. I care so much about the quality of food I put in my body, rather than what juvenile cravings I may have or what's most convenient or sounds the most delicious. And it's changed everything. Instead of eating with fear, I eat with intention. Instead of shopping based on my cravings, I shop based on what I know will make me feel good. I wake up excited about the food I have planned for the day and I fall asleep every single night without the need for a heating pad or antacids.” 

Katie P.

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